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The wedding venue to elope to at Gretna Green

I love showcasing luxury wedding venues, something to amaze your family and friends and to feel special for that one day with all that grandeur, but it’s not always that big is better or in fact that it suites everyone’s taste and I do love those small intimate wedding venues as well and that is why I have been featuring them a lot recently.
Today is something special and I have always said if I was to get married again, if it’s not abroad on a beach with the sand between my toes and flowers in my hair ‘ gosh I sound really hippiefied’ lol, then the place I would consider in the UK would be this place. Before I reveal all let me give you some history of where I am taking you to today and some big clues.

Gretna Green
Getting Married

Now I am taking you way back to the mid 18th century where there were strict laws for marriage arrangements and couples had to reach the age of 21 before they could be legally man and wife and not only that but they had to get the consent of their parents and the ceremony had to take place in a church. However across the border marriage was made very simple and you could get married on the spot, with a marriage of declaration or hand fasting. You had to be over 16 and only require two witnesses and the assurance that you was free to marry. Have you solve the clue yet? Or do I need to give you one more clue? Well it took place in Scotland.
Hooray yes you got it Gretna Green, well done.

Famous Blacksmiths Shop
Gretna Green
Gretna Green is still as popular now as it was then with hundreds of weddings taking place there every year and in one building in particular that made Gretna Green a famous wedding location to get married and that was the famous Blacksmiths shop.
The Famous Blacksmiths Shop is the ancient building that made Gretna Green famous. It has stood in Gretna Green since 1712. It was also one of the earliest destinations for runaway couples fleeing to marry in Gretna Green and a favorite amongst couples getting married today.
At Gretna Green they do wedding packages to suit everyone’s budget and needs and the staff there are so helpful, you will not have to worry about anything they will take care of all your wedding arrangement, for you just to enjoy your big day at an historical location. But don’t take my word for it why not contact them yourself on Tel: 01461 336001 or email them at
There is also some useful information on their website to take a look by clicking the link Gretna Green

Wedding venue
So saying ‘I do’ cannot be easier and you can join the thousands of couple through the centuries that have done just that.
Well I hope you enjoy viewing this amazing place and would love to hear from couples that have got married at Gretna Green and their experience of the place. All there is to say now is have a good Monday and thank you for visiting my wedding venue blog today.
Bye for now
Jacqui x

Images sourced Gretna Green

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