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Should my finance’s Ex be invited to our wedding?

It is so surprising how much stress you can be under when planning a wedding and we are not just talking about choosing the appropriate wedding venue or the menu, but more complicated family stuff.
Today’s hot topic wedding dilemma question focuses on just that, which comes from Paula in Worcester and I have to admit I really struggled with this one, so let’s see what dilemma Paula as presented today and whether I was able to give some advice.

Paula Q: Me and my fiancé will be tying the knot in September and have pretty much agreed on all the arrangements for our wedding day. We are planning a small ceremony with just close family and friends, then a reception after for all our other guest, there is just one problem my fiancé wants to invite his ex to the ceremony and I feel uncomfortable as she is not part of our close circle of friends. How can I say no I don’t want her there and not offend him, as he has a daughter with her?

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Jacqui A: This is quite a personnel question but I wouldn’t be surprised that there are many brides and grooms out there that will be going through this exact situation.
So how do we handle this personal situation without offending our beloved other half, but also making your day as memorable as possible with positive vibes, yes this is defiantly a tricky question to answer without disappointing someone.
My first question would be is your fiancé wanting his ex to be at the ceremony because he wants his daughter to be part of the wedding, in which case that is totally understandable and you can tackle it in two ways.
Firstly you can agree with your fiancé’s ex that you want his daughter to be part of the big day by becoming one of the flower girls and she will be well looked after by his family and older bridesmaids attending and you will ensure that if she gets upset because she is missing her mom that you will contact her straight away so she can reassure her or even collect her.
Secondarily If his daughter will not be part of the bridal party and you feel she will be too upset to be away from her mom all day, you could suggest they both attend the reception where there will be so many people attending, it will be easy for you not to become in close contact and just focus on creating a lovely wedding day that you will both treasure forever and there will be no awkwardness about uninvited guest.
Well I can honestly say that this was my biggest challenge so far on my wedding dilemma blog and I hope this as given you both food for thought. I wish you both luck and happiness for your upcoming wedding, I am sure it will be marvelous.
So was I right in my advice or would you have answered this completely differently? Well would love to know what you would have suggested I can even forward then on to Paula if they can help with her wedding dilemma so please leave and comments below. You can also contact and follow me on Facebook and Twitter, see links below my clicking on the icons.
Ok after all that I think I deserve a cup of tea so will say cheerio and hopefully see you next time.
Bye for now
Jacqui x

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