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How can I get my Fiancé to help more with our wedding?

I am really getting into the spirit of spring and seeing all the daffodils blooming is so beautiful. Preparing for spring can be hard work and planning, I mean you have to select the right blubs, prepare the ground and tidy up all the winter rubbish from the garden.

Well that is exactly what you need to do when planning a wedding and I don’t mean selecting blubs but it’s the same type of principles you need to do your preparations first. That is why I am loving today’s hot topic from Sophia from West Bromwich, so let’s see what her wedding dilemma is and more importantly can we help her.


Imagine sourced on Pinterest via The Wedding of my Dreams

Sophia Q: How can I get my fiancé to get more involved in the wedding planning, we are getting married in January 2018. I am doing everything myself to keep the cost down has both our parents are not alive to help us financially, he keeps saying we have plenty of time but if we don’t get started now we will struggle later.

Jacqui A: Hi Sophia and congratulations on your upcoming wedding. How exciting that you are doing your own DIY wedding and yes I can imagine that to be hard work and takes time to do. So you are struggling to get your fiancé on board with the whole planning, well I can believe that as men’s priorities are not the same as women’s ‘sorry guys for being sexiest but it’s kind of true’. Anyway the thing is you need to get things rolling and that obviously means your partners help.

Have you made a plan yet of things to start off with, if yes then I would suggest delegating tasks that your fiancé won’t mind doing. This can be making wedding signs for the venue, or a post box for cards and small presents, maybe even your own props you can use to take photos with your guests. The list is endless and get him to put his suggestions in as well because it’s his big day too. Also don’t just leave things for you and your fiancé to do, encourage the rest of your families and close friends to pitch in because that would defiantly ease the stress and pressure off you both?


Imagine source on Pinterest via

I would suggest looking on websites like Pinterest, Not on the High Street and Esty for ideas and inspiration, but be carefully it can become addictive these sites and you could be on there for hours even days and then you will defiantly not get anything done lol.

Well that is my good deed for the day, I hope I did you proud Sophia and gave you a couple of things to consider, because planning a wedding is not a likely thing to do so I wish you all the best. That is my wedding dilemma Q&A for this week and fellas just remember you need to do your fair share too after all its your wedding too.

All there is to say is have a good Wednesday and make things happen.

Bye for now

Jacqui x



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