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Honeymoon Destination in New Zealand

How are you all? It’s been a busy couple of weeks I think for everyone and the stress levels need calming down a little bit. Now normally I would reach for chocolate or cake, but then that would create another stress with weight gain so how are we going to achieve that feel good factor.
Well the best way for me is thinking about beautiful gorgeous things that I would like to do and my biggest passion at the moment is to travel, so I am pouring all the amazing places I want to cross off my bucket list into this blog and as I am a wedding blogger it’s the perfect place for my honeymoon destination and that’s killing two birds with one stone, ‘I assure you no birds were injured’ lol.

New Zealand Beach

Now the things is where would I like to go and would it be an ideal place for you to pick as a choice for your honeymoon destination, well actually yes it would be so if you can spare five minutes to relax, grab a cuppa or even better a glass of Rioja Reserve ‘the clue is in there somewhere’ and let me take you far away somewhere beautiful.
The destination I have chosen this week is New Zealand and I will explain why I have chosen this destination that would be perfect for your honeymoon, but before that a bit of history on New Zealand.

Facts about New Zealand
Did you know that New Zealand location is South Pacific Ocean that is Southeast of Australia and is a little bit bigger than the UK with a population of around 4 million? The main cities are Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. They are about 12hrs ahead of UK time and they have their own New Zealand currency and boy are they into their rugby which is played all year round and the national team is the All Blacks.
So now it’s time for the fun bit and things you can do there to keep you occupied and explore this amazing place.

Maori Warriors

Things to Do

Wine tasting as I mentioned in my opening paragraph you can tell I like a good glass of wine and this would be perfect for all you wine lovers. Waiheke Island is just off the coast of Auckland, but you would never guest with the bluest waters imaginable. The locals are so welcoming and they have an excellent wine excursion to join a vineyard/scenic tour.

Kayaking and Hiking if you are an active couple then I think this would be just perfect for you. Imagine paddling through amazing sea caves, exploring volcanic islands in the Marine Reserve and then relaxing and having a coffee at Cathedral Cove’s beachfront café. For those that are more interesting in the hiking then having a day walk on the Rob Roy Valley will be a highlight for you. It will talk you about 5hrs to complete and will take you through NZ swing bridge. You will also gain access to the hug ‘valley bowl, which is a perfect place for lunch and to see the local ’kea’ birds.


Shopping – If you are like me and have to shop in every destination place you visit then Auckland will be just perfect for that. It is known as a shoppers paradise with everything you can imagine from designer wear to street markets, not only that but it has phenomenal cafes and exotic restaurants and clubs and bars to shake your booty too at night.

Hobbiton in Matamata – this is probably not everyone’s cup of tea but if you are a big fan of the Hobbit and followed the trilogy then you will love this. Why not experience the Hobbit world at the movie set in Matamata with a guided tour across the movie set. Experience a secluded farm stay for a romantic night, exotic drinks at the Green Dragon Pub and yummy meals at the Shires Rest.

Hobbit Cottage
So there you go just a few things that you can experience in New Zealand and believe me the list is very long, so you will never get stuck for things to do and if all you want to do is just lay on the beaches then there a loads to pick from. At the end of the day New Zealand can cater for everyone’s taste so don’t be afraid to put this on your list as a honeymoon destination, you will thank me for it one day.
Well that is all for today, it was a pleasure doing this blog for you and I hope it gave just a tiny insight to what a fabulous place this would make to have your honeymoon. Time to go and get on with some real work, well the bit that pays the mortgage lol see you again soon.
Bye for now
Jacqui x

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