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Exploring Thailand for your honeymoon destination

Gosh can you believe we are now into the second week of March and before you know it our summer holidays will have come and gone in a blink of an eye. So where are we all going to this year? That is a very nice question to ask especially if you have already decided and booked.
But spare a thought to people that are still scratching their heads, undecided even more importantly trying to organize their honeymoon destination. This is were I come in and loving my Thursday blog because it is all about you guys and your honeymoon.

I can visually transport myself anywhere in the world by dreaming of all the fabulous places I would like to travel to and taking that and putting it on paper ‘well not exactly more my laptop’ to give you some amazing places to think about for your honeymoon destination, so were am I taking you to this week. Well I had this crazy idea about riding an elephant in paradise and the only place I could think of was Thailand, so put your sandals on grab a cocktail and follow me.
It was amazing the things that I discovered about Thailand, its people and culture. Did you know that over sixteen million tourist fly to Thailand every year, gosh that’s like an entire countries population? It has some amazing islands and the cities are bustling with everything you can imagine from, food, clothes, beauty and amazing nightlife entertainment.
The one thing I discovered was that Siamese cats are native to Thailand, reminds me of my beloved Siamese cat called whoopee, yes don’t ask lol. Also Thailand is the largest export of rice and around ninety percent of Thai people are Buddhist.
Also I thought this was funny but did you know it is illegal in Thailand to leave your house without wearing underwear and that it is also illegal to step on any Thai currency.
But more importantly Thailand was voted one of the world’s friendliest countries to visit, so a brilliant choice for a honeymoon destination, don’t you think?

I love the idea of starting your married life exploring a different culture and why not throw in a few things to make it more of an adventure with mountains, jungles and beaches on offer you will never get bored.
If you head to the north of the country then you can take in the stunning mountain views and explore some of Thailand’s amazing jungles. While you’re there you can immerse yourself in the local culture.
Why not then venture away from the beaches and cities for a couple of days and visit the Sok National Park and stay in a luxury tented camp in the rainforest, where you will be as close to nature as you possible can. With two days adventure that will include canoeing , jungle trekking and a chance to help take care of the adorable elephants at Elephants Hill, which would be the best part of the trip for me.

Thailand Elephant Hill
After all that exercise you could head back to your beach resort to experience the famous Thai massages in one of their health spa’s then get ready for a good night out. Now that would be my type of holiday taking loads of pictures to remind you of those special moments.
Well time to wake up and transport myself back to Birmingham and my office, were emails are waiting to be replied to. Hope you enjoyed my honeymoon destination today and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it, can’t wait for next week’s destination and I hope you will join me again.
So all there is to say is have a fabulous Thursday and I will see you again soon.
Bye for now
Jacqui x

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