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The White Company – Advanced Skincare Collection

It was a total surprise when I discovered that the White Company also had their own range of skincare and your probably wondering, really how come? where have I been locked away in some voyage that i’m not in contact with updates on beauty products.

No you know what it’s like you are fixated on brands that are always in the media and the ones you tend to stick to or your girlfriends use. But I was purchasing some candles from The White Company branch in Birmingham for one of my friends for their 40th Birthday and wham, it was right there in front of me this complete range. I love it with it’s clean minimalistic  look but so oozes luxury, so lets look at what’s in the range.

Cover shot

Super Serum – Advanced Multi-Depth Concentrate £40

Super Serum

This advanced, yet gentle, serum intelligently targets a multitude of complexion concerns, making it a true must-have for every woman’s skincare routine. Thinner in texture than a moisturiser, highly absorbent serums are renowned for their ability to sink deep into the skin, while moisturisers act as nourishing protective shields. Featuring an advanced blend of grape vine stem cells, protein-rich amino acids, green-tea and marine extracts, this intelligent serum offers skin protection against UV damage and ageing while also helping it to look plumper and smoother with an even tone. Suitable for all skin types.

Advanced active ingredients:

Grape vine stem cells: cleverly offer protection against UV damage
Amino acids: to encourage plump and healthy-looking skin cell renewal
Green tea extract: to soothe skin and reduce dark circles around the eyes
Marine extracts: to help skin retain precious moisture

Night Oil – Overnight Renewal Treatment £30 

Night Oil

Give your skin a full night of beauty sleep with this incredible facial oil. Massage a few drops of the fast-absorbing formula across the face and neck after cleansing, taking care to avoid the delicate eye area. Our enriching blend of Amazonian oils, anti-oxidants and poppy-flower extract ensure that you will wake up to deeply nourished, firmer-looking skin that feels as soft as silk and glows with health. Suitable for all skin types.

Advanced active ingredients:

Amazonian oils: to deeply hydrate and improve the appearance of skin’s texture
Anti-oxidant carotenoids: to help support firmer-looking, age-proof skin
Poppy-flower extract: to help visibly smooth skin’s surface and boost radiance

Super Balm – Gentle Daily Deep Cleanser £25

Super Balm


Cleansing is an essential starting point to achieving a flawless complexion. This luxury cleansing balm is designed to deeply, yet gently, cleanse and dissolve all traces of make-up, including mascara, while instantly boosting hydration and radiance, too. Its special balm-based formula melts upon massage, giving all skin types a healthy glow and super-soft touch. Subtly scented with lemon and petitgrain essential oils and suitable for all skin types.

Advanced cleansing ingredients:

Plant esters: to gently cleanse skin, removing make-up and impurities
Corn humectants: to deeply hydrate and give skin a dewy finish
Emulsion system: to help purify skin and prevent blemishes

Hand Elixir – Ultra-Hydrating And Protecting Cream £20

Hand Elixir

Because we use our hands relentlessly in everyday life, they are naturally more susceptible to showing the tell-tale signs of dryness and ageing – from dry patches and weak nails to fine lines, uneven pigmentation and dullness.

This highly effective luxury hand cream instantly hydrates and evens the skin’s texture, while helping to condition cuticles and nails. Our advanced blend of naturally derived hydrators helps create a clever skin-shield that locks-in precious moisture, reduces the visible signs of ageing and keeps hands looking in optimum health. Delicately scented with our exclusive blend of lavender, rose and orange essential oils, this is a daily indulgence with noticeable results with regular use. Suitable for all skin types.

Advanced active ingredients:

Marine algae: helps support skin cell renewal for smoother, healthier-looking hands
Blue rock extract: efficiently helps boost skin’s production of collagen and elastin
Naturally derived hydrators: instantly offers intense hydration to skin’s surface, epidermis and the nails

Advanced Hydration – Skin-Perfecting Moisturiser £30

Advanced Hydration

Moisturising is an important step in your skincare routine. Keeping your skin well hydrated will help to protect it against the visible signs of ageing, dryness and uneven-looking texture.

This clever daily moisturiser immediately nourishes and hydrates all skin types, creating a more flawless-looking complexion by helping balance your skin’s natural moisture levels. Blended with an advanced form of hyaluronic acid, nourishing Amazonian oils and soothing aloe-vera butter, radiance and hydration are visibly improved with every use. What’s more, this non-greasy formula behaves like a primer, too, creating a matte velvet-touch base that enables your make-up to stay perfectly in place for hours. Delicately scented with our exclusive blend of lavender, rose and orange essential oils, this is a gentle yet effective moisturiser with noticeable long-term results.

Advanced active ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid: instantly offers intense and long-lasting hydration to skin’s surface and epidermis
Amazonian oils: to deeply hydrate and improve the appearance of skin’s texture
Aloe-vera butter: helps to soothe sensitive skin, reduce inflammation and gently hydrate

Eye Revive – Daily Brightening Eye Serum £20

Eye Revival


The skin around your eyes is much thinner than the skin on the rest of your face, which is why it can often showcase the tell-tale signs of tiredness, and why it needs to be treated with a formula that’s gentle yet more active than your facial moisturiser.

Wake up to bright eyes every day. This ultra-light formula, suitable for all skin types, diminishes the appearance of dark circles, visibly reduces puffiness and for the first time ever, helps to lift the upper eyelids with its blend of Persian silk tree, oxygen-boosting actives and probiotic technology. With continued use, this advanced blend also helps support renewal for a more healthy-looking eye area, too.

Advanced active ingredients:

Persian silk-tree extract: to help combat wrinkles, dark circles and revolutionarily lift the upper eyelids
Oxygen-boosting actives: to diminish the appearance of puffiness and fatigue
Probiotic technology: to encourage healthy skin cell renewal for smoother, brighter eyes on my

Images and text source on The White Company Website

So what do you think? A lovely range with good ingredients and I can just see this range sitting on my dressing table now and me using them morning and night. It was just my luck that I came across it by accident but will not be an accident when I try the range out for myself, I can’t wait for my next shopping trip.

Let me know what your favourite skincare range is, you never know it could be featured on the blog, we love spreading the love of beauty products. Well thats me for today, hope you can pop by again soon.

Bye for now

Jacqui x





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