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A whimsical castle it can only be Peckforton Castle

Good morning lovelies

I hope you had a lovely weekend? Mine was spent doing absolutely nothing but eating, drinking and catching up on tv episodes that I missed and I am totally hooked on the new tv drama called Taboo. Gosh it is so dark and violent but you can’t help wanting to know more and yes I am totally hooked.

Today though it’s back to my blog and it is the first one for 2017, yes I know over a month too late but i honestly didn’t think I would be doing it again but like the tv drama Taboo I am totally hooked, so unfortunately guys you are stuck with me. As you know Monday we look at wedding venues and today we are off to see Peckforton Castle in Cheshire.

Peckforton Castle

I love this part of the North, beautiful countryside, amazing restaurants and the shopping is fabulous and so close to were my lovely talented son lives in Manchester.

So whats so great about this wedding venue,  I actually featured it last August but loved it so much I need to feature it again so let me fill you all in about this whimsical place and this timeI  will take you right back to the beginning of the story.

Once upon a time

In 1840 a man called John Tollemache took over 36,00 acres of land which included the village of Peckforton and Beeson and he’s dream was to build a home for his family in the style of a medieval Castle. The work of building such a magnificent castle was under estimated and eventually finished in 1852.


John Tollemache lived there until he was 85yrs old and the last remaining family left the estate in 1939. Peckforton Castle became a Grade I listed building in 1952 and over the years has been used by producers to make films and television shows like Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who to say the least of the many of things produced here and now is also one of the most prestigous wedding venues in Cheshire.

It is most girls dreams to be married in a castle and become a princess even for just a day and at Peckforton Castle  this can be so possible.

Wedding Setting

So if this enchanting place is the perfect venue for your big day the why not contact them to get more details, you can call them on Tel 01829 260 930 or email them at

Images from Peckforton Castle 

Well I hope you enjoyed today’s venue and can’t wait to do many more for 2017, so I hope you will join me again very soon.

Bye for now

Jacqui x


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