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Is their a right footwear attire to wear at your own wedding?

Hello and welcome to another one of my hot topic wedding dilemma Q&A’s. I love replying to all your questions, it can be challenging but the fact that they are coming from real couples planning their weddings is a privilege.

Have you ever wondered about all these wedding etiquettes that is involved in planning a wedding and are they really that important in this day and age or should we just do what we want as long as you are happy. Well that is a big question and it goes a lot deeper than that for some people, it’s all about tradition and how formal you want to make you wedding day become.

Today’s hot topic is very practical in one way but doesn’t conform to a traditional wedding. It will all become clearer once you read Shannon’s wedding dilemma today, so let’s take a look over to Shannon.

Bride in Converse


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Shannon Q: I have been planning my wedding for such a long time and dreamed of having that fairytale princess wedding with the dress, ceremony in the church my family attends every Sunday, in fact the whole thing. But I am also a tomboy at heart and i want to retain bit of that also on my big day by wearing my converse, that everyone know me for, however both sets of parents are against it saying that it will ruin the traditional attire and will not look right in the photographs or walking down the aisle. Can you help me come to a compromise to please our parents and me?

Jacqui A: That sounds so cool that you want your footwear to reflect bit about your character and so unique, however I can see what your parents are thinking. They feel a wedding to them is very traditional and formal it’s what they are used to. But today’s generation is totally different, they want quirkeyness and to be different, standout from the crowd and Shannon you can do that too let everyone see not the bride on the day but Shannon the tomboy girl everyone loves.

If you do want to keep the peace and please both parents you may want to consider wearing your converse just for the reception and have formal wedding bridal shoes for the ceremony and for the photographs, maybe even changing halfway through taking the photographs so you have some shots in your beloved converses. To have a bit of fun on your big day and add some more uniqueness get some of your wedding party to do the same and wear their converses. Now that would be a fun and amazing shoot especially if they all wore them in different colours. I hope I having giving you food for thought.

I really enjoyed Shannon’s wedding dilemma today, so as anyone been to a wedding that had a twist with some amazing footwear, i’d love to hear all about it.

Well it’s time to say have a wonderful Wednesday and come back again.

Bye foe now

Jacqui x

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