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Is it ok to go over budget for your wedding?

After a quite period over the last few months with wedding season at a slow pace which obviously meant it’s been virtually quite on the hot topic front when it comes to wedding dilemma Q&A’s, but I am glad to say the tide as shifted and you lovely brides and grooms are emerging bombarding me with loads of questions. Todays wedding dilemma is a right corker and most couples getting married will so relate to it.

I was so delighted to receive an email from Dana from Wales, actually she thought it was a silly question to ask me at the beginning but honestly it is quite common for couples getting married to experience this, so over to Dana and her burning question, I’m sure you all want to know now.



Dana Q: I am planning my wedding for this July and we have gone way over budget, my fiancé thinks we should cut back on certain things but I feel it’s a once in a life time and a day to remember. So cost should’t come into it as long as we can afford it, what do you advice to keep the peace?.

Jacqui A: Oh wow now this is a tricky question to answer. In my opinion and also working with a lot of couples in the past planning their wedding, spending over your budget is easily done. But I always say look at the bigger picture ad remember that you want to enjoy not only wedding day but also the planning of it for a very long time and over spending or getting into debt will spoil al that memory of a beautiful day.

My suggestion would be to make a list together of all the things you want for your wedding, take time to pick a quite period you can both be focused on and off your list tick off what’s necessary and important and then cross off things you can live without. This process will make you both realise what each other wants for the big day and will bring you closer together for creating forever memories and money you then can spend on other things after the wedding.

Well this was a challenge but hopefully it will give Dana and her fiancé something to focus on together, but what are your thoughts on todays hot topic wedding dilemma question today? please leave your comments or suggestions below that  I can forward on to Dana.

Well it as be a pleasure but i suppose I best get on with some work, thanks again for popping over to the blog and see you again soon.

Bye for now

Jacqui x

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