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Honeymooning in Sri Lanka

Oh boy it’s so grey outside, all you want to do is just curl up somewhere warm ideally at home instead of a cold office like I am doing now and dream about all of the luxury destinations you can go to this summer. In fact I do that a lot, day dream that is especially about all those hot holiday destinations that I hope to go to one day. They are on my bucket list and I am planning to cross them off one by one and saying that the one I dream of most is Sri Lanka.

So I thought as well as dreaming about them I may as well write about what a wonderful place it would be to have your honeymoon and all the exciting things you can do, so welcome to another one of my honeymoon destination blogs. This is a perfect time to take a five minute break with me and see what things are available in Sri Lanka to make your honeymoon one of the most memorable times to start off your married life together.


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island south of India in the Indian Ocean and was once formely know a (Ceylon). It has different aspects to it and has diverse landscapes ranging from rainforests and arid planes to highlands and beaches, amazing beaches and it is also said that it is famed for it’s ancient buddist ruins and is a great tourist paradise.

So what things are available to do in Sri Lanka , well I have a long list probably too long to put everything down but I will give you a brief insight to a few things, follow me.

Things to do

Over night Private leopard safari with luxury tented camping 


This is so cool, imagine going on a leopard safari and camping as well. Don’t get me wrong i’ll admit it’s a bit scary knowing that those big cats are out there but how exciting.

Can you imagine telling your wedding guest and family that on your honeymoon you was looking for leopards and other fabulous animals in the Yale National Park including two game drives in Sri Lanka’s second biggest wildlife park. Driving around the park spotting these amazing leopards then experiencing a nice lunch before exploring the park and watching other animals like elephants, crocodiles and much more before enjoying a starlit dinner and then going to sleep in a private luxury tent, ‘my that sounds like heaven’. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy what about this….

6 day heritage private tour


How about  this then for people that loves sightseeing. A 5 night private tour ideally suited for first-timers visiting Sri Lanka.

You will have your very own customised itinerary which will include four UNESCO world heritage sites like the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, Sigirly Rock Fortress, Golden Temple of Dambulla and not forgetting Sri Dalacle Maligawa (Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic) in Kandy. Also on the list will be to visit the tea plantation, the new Ranwell Spice Garden and the Botanic Gardens, which sounds absolutely fabulous. Then enjoy a scenic train journey from Perudeniya to Nanvoya.

This trip is definitely on my list, it sounds perfect just what i would do. Well I have given you just a couple of things that would keep you entertained for most of your honeymoon/holiday, but honestly they sound well worth it. Now I want to travel the world as a travel writer, yes ok guys i’m dreaming again sorry can’t help it.

Tell me where your honeymoon/holiday destination will take you this year and why you chose it?  Ok that’s enough of me wraffling on back to my day job stuck in a cold office, ‘can’t I just dram a little bit longer, pretty please’. Ok I’m going to stop now and get back to reality, so have a great day and pop back soon.

Bye for now

Jacqui x




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