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Beauty products to make you blush about

Don’t you just love a pop of colour on your cheeks, I know I do but I have to admit they do scare me. I mean what is the best product to use powder or cream ‘that is the question’?

Today we are going to solve that by seeing which one is the best product for you and me. So as we know using a blusher is the ultimate pop to creating that perfect finish to your look and it also gives definition to your face, I mean who wants to hide those amazing cheek bones, I know I don’t.Beauty Face

So what is best powder or cream, well the answers they are both equally  capable of creating that perfect finished look for you and the most important question is which formula is best for you?

Powder Blushers

I don’t know what you ladies think, sorry guys too I can’t be sexist now can I lol. But I do find powder blushers are a lot easier to use and they blend very well too, but what’s more importantly is that they work vertually on all skin types, especially you you have combination to oily skin as they can help with excess shine and we don’t want that  now do we.

Here are just a few of my favourite powder blushers on the market that will suit most peoples budget.

Clinque Blushing Blush £22.50



Milani Blusher £12.00



M&S Autograph £7.00



Cream & Liquid Blushers

Now with cream or liquid blushers I feel they are perfect for those people that want to achieve that minimal look with a hint of colour. The trick with applying a cream or liquid blusher is to use your finger tips to gently tap on your cheeks to achieve that dewy look leaving your face looking glowing.

Here are my choice of cream and liquid blushers that will definitely be on my list for spring/summer.

Benefit Blusher £22.50



NYX Rough Cream Blush £4.50


Estee Lauder Cream Blush £19.00

Estee Lauder Genuine Cream Blush

Now it’s your turn to tell me what you prefer using, just leave your comments and suggestions below and you could be one on the lucky readers to receive one of the blusher I have featurered today, so what have you got to lose.

Well guys that is me all done for today, make it a good one and I will look forward to your next visit.

Bye for now

Jacqui x



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