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Trevenna – An exclusive barn wedding venue

Hello and how are you today?

Welcome to a brand new week and is it me or is the months just flying by its so crazy that we are fast approaching the end of 2016. So with that in mind how are the wedding plans going?

As a former wedding planner I truly understand your frustration in trying to plan a wedding, it’s not an easy task but with good planning and research and help from family and friends you can truly enjoy the experience making the build up to your big day something you will carry in your memory forever and with that in mind that is why I love writing about weddings and other lifestyle things and as it’s Monday I welcome you to my blog today, for all my new readers Monday is a magical time for me because this is a great opportunity for me to showcase some fabulous wedding venues across the UK.


Exclusive to you – Wethele Manor wedding venue

You will never guess what I have been up to last week, I joined the gym yes this lazy bones, couch potato girl actually got into the gym groove  and I have even got a personnal trainer. My body doesn’t know whats hit it lol but after all that I am actually really enjoying going even though I’m in there for 6am and saying that works been manic so been inked by 10.00pm, so when the weekend arrived it was such a relief to have a lay in and relax and do a bit of writing for my blog which help to take the distraction of my aching body.

So here we Monday a start to a brand new week which is not a bad thing and I have another wedding venue to feature today, so I am hoping you will enjoy it guys. Today we are looking at a wedding venue in another part of the UK, which location? well let’s find out so grab a cuppa put your feet up and take five and let’s have a look where we are today.

Wethele Manor

Easy beauty products to a winter glow

Hey lovelies hows your day going so far any dramas yet lol.

Its Tuesday and I am loving the blog today because I will be showing you some beauty products that will help you achieve that lovely glow to keep you going through the winter months.

So lets get started with my top 5 products of the week!


A 18th Century parkland brings you to Wasing Park wedding venue

Hello my lovelies

So come on tell me what kind of weekend did you having anything exciting to report? Mine was very relaxed I had a lovely evening on Friday night catching up with all the gossip with the girls, as you can imagine plenty of wine and pizza and loads of giggling, Saturday and Sunday was a more somber affair spent at home catching up with the housework and some batch cooking for the week. Before you know it you are waking up Monday morning to start another brand new week and boy is it going to be a busy one fore me with organising events in Ireland as well has the UK but before I begin my mammoth tasks let me share with you my wedding venue for today.


An Intimate Wedding in the Heart of the City

Hip hip hooray the announcement of your engagement has been announced and this is the first stage of the process of getting married and marks the beginning of a much careful planning and preparation for your wedding day.

You have save the date and now it’s time to look for wedding venues to fit the theme for your big day. Now this is where I love this part of the week, yes Monday the start of a brand new week and a start to getting those tasks done for your wedding and look for that venue. As you know I source the UK for some fabulous wedding venues that hopefully will suit your budget and today I am taking you off to London to The Zetter, so come on no time to waste…..

The Zetter

Image Source on The Zetter - Photo Credit Darren Chung

A autumn wedding with autumn colours

Hello again nice to have you pop over to my blog and can I just say a very big thank you to everyone taking an interest in it, it’s getting very popular and that is down to you guys, I wouldn’t be able to continue with my hot topic section without all your participatation and encouragement so once again thank you so much.

Talking about how popular my hot topic is getting really good views with lots of you retweeting and sharing on Facebook and so I have another great one for you today and it’s coming from Tanya in Milton Keynes, So lets hear her wedding dilemma question.


Relax and have a soak with Molton Brown

Hey ladies how are things? well we have got through the dreaded Monday which is always the hardest day of the week but its so nice to start the day or finish with a positive note and today is a start to a brand new day and to kick start Tuesday I am starting with another go my beauty product blogs and it’s all about have a stress free day and taking away the pressures of the previous day.

I fell in love with Molton Brown over 10 years ago and it’s always been my luxury go to product when I just want to have some me time, lock myself in the bathroom with a hot running bath, candles on and relaxing music playing in the background and who wouldn’t want that now and again. Molton Brown is known for it’s exotic fragrances and I have just discovered another one to add to my collection and that is their Pink Peppered bath and shower gel. It is blended with pink pepper pods with ginger and patchouli, not only is the bath and shower gel amazing but look at the other pink Peppered range you will want to fill your bathroom and home with.

43271045 - beautiful woman in bathroom. female in bath with foam

Exclusive wedding hire – Lucknam Park

My first working week completed after a two week holiday break and a lovely relaxing weekend which I throughly enjoyed and never wanted it to end, so how was your weekend do tell?

The hype of wedding season is now slowing down but still a little bit busy for the next couple of months and so we are now naturally looking at brides and grooms planning their weeding for 2017/18, how exciting. It’s very normal to be looking at wedding venues 12-18 months ahead of your big day especially if the venue you have chosen are very popular in that location or that season of the year, so I always look forward to showcasing a wedding venue if permitted with time in my busy work schedule every Monday and I am delighted to feature Lucknam Park today.

Lucknam Park

Jay Manuel Beauty #nofiltercampaign

Hello guys and welcome to another one of my beauty post. I absolutely love beauty products and I did think along time ago that I would be a make-up artist and when to college and went to the make-up school in London, but it wasn’t my forte and i realised after about a year into it that i wasn’t artist like the rest of my colleagues.

However that never stopped me from still enjoying the power and transformation that make-up can give someone just by boosting their confidence and I have to admit when I have my coat of armour on I don’t feel so exposed and intimidated but thats just me. Thats not to say when I am at home I’m all natural as they come and no make-up insight but when I am working that’s another story.

I love searching new brands and when I heard Jay Manuel had a cosmetic range out I had to find out more. So you are probably wondering who Jay Manuel is, well if I have to say you obviously don’t watch American series shows.


Step back in time to a stunning Hampshire countryside – Lainston House

It;s been a funny couple of weeks and in that time I have taken time off my day job tp spend quality time with close friends and family and I can honestly say it’s been a blast but now it is time to get back into my working life.

Getting up this morning at 6am I have to admit it was a struggle but its great seeing my work colleagues and catching up with all the gossip, but less of the chit chat well it is Monday and I need to tell yo u all about todays wedding venue and so we are of to Winchester to a delightful country house turned wedding venue and that is Lainston House. I have only been to Winchester once many years ago to a 60th birthday party but it was defiantly not at Lainston House because its not a place you would forget.

Lainston House