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East meets West – Hot Topic

Welcome to today’s wedding dilemma hot topics and today’s question is from Raana in Wolverhampton who is getting married in May of this year to her fiancé Darren, here is her question….45172688_m

Lips of a Celebrity

Hello my Lovelies

Today I want to talk about one of my celebrity crushes and thats the Kardashians sisters. Normally I love to see what the older sisters are doing especially when it comes to fashion and healthy lifestyle, especially Kourtney’s thing I love her holistic lifestyle.

However saying that the younger Jenner sister are now coming into their own with modelling, their own style of fashion and beauty they are defiantly bringing their own to the show and it’s good to see how they are blossoming and adding their own personality to the show.8202727_s

The Elms a Worcestershire Wedding Venue

Dreaming of your perfect wedding day is so exciting, that amazing wedding dress that fitted you so perfectly the first time you tried it on you just had to have it. Then is the theme of the wedding it’s so overwhelming not to mention the colour scheme, should you go with pink or peach or gold bold with orange choices choice’s it’s so over whelming and you’ve not even thought of the wedding venue yet.the-elms

Your Classic Nudes

I am the worst person for keeping up a manicure routine and to be honest I am so busy these days that the last thing on my mind is to book myself a manicure, but as I am trying so hard to get into a beauty routine I have decided to look at nude nail polishes.7995468_m

A Coastal Scottish Wedding at Loch Melfort Hotel

Hello Lovelies

So what was your weekend like?

I had a very lazy one nothing to do but watch Netflix and eat loads of crappy foods that I know will not get me that beach body for the summer, but what the heck that’s what weekends are for right :0). However I did manage to get some blogging work done and as it’s Monday I have another gorgeous wedding venue for you to brighten up your day.

So close your eyes and imagine you are having your wedding in a romantic location, now open because you can’t get anymore romantic than the coast of Argyll in the Scottish Highlands.loch-melfort-hotel-oban-sea-boxing-day-sale

Vine Vera Eye serum

Hello Everyone

Hope you wasn’t too disappointed to have woken up to this grey cold dreary weather but I hope the day will improve for all of us.

A lot of people say that I look fabulous for my age which is very complementary as I will be 48 years old this coming May and luckily I am blessed with good family genes, however the signs of ageing are definitely becoming more noticeable these days and I suppose I don’t help by doing the obvious like drinking plenty of water, having regular facials and using facial oils. The intention is there and I do try but with a busy work life I find it hard to fit everything in to a daily routine, I bet I am not the only one out there that struggles with a daily, weekly or monthly facial routine.admin-ajax.php

Hampshire Wedding Venue – Lainston House

Happy Monday my lovely readers and welcome to the 2nd venue blog post for 2016.

I hope you have all got back into the working routine of early mornings, busy days and hectic evenings with the family, well all I can say is that it is defiantly back to normal after the festive and New Year break and no doubt a bit of a shocker hey!

Well thank you all for your support and looking forward to another year of blogging all about planning amazing weddings and I hope it will be of use to you all.

So we are back to another Monday which means featuring another fabulous wedding venue, oh and so you all know and are aware most of my blogs are from me and not sponsored but if they are I will always indicate  who it is from and it is all free I do not get paid for sponsored blogs, well not yet anyway but I would never publish anything I didn’t believe in or that it wasn’t useful to my readers.Image 1

Honeymooning on an Italian Island

I know what you are thinking its cold, wet and grey outside and we are just getting over christmas and all the money we spent on things we didn’t really need and we still have January to get through.

There will be a lot of you thinking Jacqui what are you going on about this is the best time of the year, but spare a thought to all the brides and grooms that are dealing with all this and also needing to sort out their wedding destination for 2016.

So it’s a good job I love doing this blog because every Thursday I look at honeymoon destinations to give you all various options that you may not have even thought about and also it brightens up the dreary cold days thinking of faraway places, so where am I taking you to this week.Sardinia

Wedding Dilemma – Indoor or Outdoor Wedding

Hello Guys

Welcome to Wednesday not a good start to the day a bit wet and grey out there, but glad to say cozy in the office working on our education events for January.

I would like to thank you all for your continous support in my wedding dilemma Hot topics section of my blog and I have another brilliant one to showcase for you today, it’s from Aubrey in Nottingham getting married in September of this year. So let’s take a look and see how we can help Aubrey with her wedding dilemma. Ceremony

Out with the Old and In with the New

It is an amazing time of the year to start afresh and as the saying goes ‘out with the old and in with the new’ so that’s what I want to start with today. As it is beauty product Tuesday why not look at getting rid of our dull skin and ditch the imperfections of 2015 and start a new year and a new radiant you.Beauty