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A autumn wedding with autumn colours

Hello again nice to have you pop over to my blog and can I just say a very big thank you to everyone taking an interest in it, it’s getting very popular and that is down to you guys, I wouldn’t be able to continue with my hot topic section without all your participatation and encouragement so once again thank you so much.

Talking about how popular my hot topic is getting really good views with lots of you retweeting and sharing on Facebook and so I have another great one for you today and it’s coming from Tanya in Milton Keynes, So lets hear her wedding dilemma question.


Relax and have a soak with Molton Brown

Hey ladies how are things? well we have got through the dreaded Monday which is always the hardest day of the week but its so nice to start the day or finish with a positive note and today is a start to a brand new day and to kick start Tuesday I am starting with another go my beauty product blogs and it’s all about have a stress free day and taking away the pressures of the previous day.

I fell in love with Molton Brown over 10 years ago and it’s always been my luxury go to product when I just want to have some me time, lock myself in the bathroom with a hot running bath, candles on and relaxing music playing in the background and who wouldn’t want that now and again. Molton Brown is known for it’s exotic fragrances and I have just discovered another one to add to my collection and that is their Pink Peppered bath and shower gel. It is blended with pink pepper pods with ginger and patchouli, not only is the bath and shower gel amazing but look at the other pink Peppered range you will want to fill your bathroom and home with.

43271045 - beautiful woman in bathroom. female in bath with foam

Exclusive wedding hire – Lucknam Park

My first working week completed after a two week holiday break and a lovely relaxing weekend which I throughly enjoyed and never wanted it to end, so how was your weekend do tell?

The hype of wedding season is now slowing down but still a little bit busy for the next couple of months and so we are now naturally looking at brides and grooms planning their weeding for 2017/18, how exciting. It’s very normal to be looking at wedding venues 12-18 months ahead of your big day especially if the venue you have chosen are very popular in that location or that season of the year, so I always look forward to showcasing a wedding venue if permitted with time in my busy work schedule every Monday and I am delighted to feature Lucknam Park today.

Lucknam Park

Jay Manuel Beauty #nofiltercampaign

Hello guys and welcome to another one of my beauty post. I absolutely love beauty products and I did think along time ago that I would be a make-up artist and when to college and went to the make-up school in London, but it wasn’t my forte and i realised after about a year into it that i wasn’t artist like the rest of my colleagues.

However that never stopped me from still enjoying the power and transformation that make-up can give someone just by boosting their confidence and I have to admit when I have my coat of armour on I don’t feel so exposed and intimidated but thats just me. Thats not to say when I am at home I’m all natural as they come and no make-up insight but when I am working that’s another story.

I love searching new brands and when I heard Jay Manuel had a cosmetic range out I had to find out more. So you are probably wondering who Jay Manuel is, well if I have to say you obviously don’t watch American series shows.


Step back in time to a stunning Hampshire countryside – Lainston House

It;s been a funny couple of weeks and in that time I have taken time off my day job tp spend quality time with close friends and family and I can honestly say it’s been a blast but now it is time to get back into my working life.

Getting up this morning at 6am I have to admit it was a struggle but its great seeing my work colleagues and catching up with all the gossip, but less of the chit chat well it is Monday and I need to tell yo u all about todays wedding venue and so we are of to Winchester to a delightful country house turned wedding venue and that is Lainston House. I have only been to Winchester once many years ago to a 60th birthday party but it was defiantly not at Lainston House because its not a place you would forget.

Lainston House

A Tudor style wedding venue – Ordsall Hall

I love what I do from my day job as an events coordinator to my blogging, it fills me with happiness and joy to write about the things I love and obsessed with. As you can imagine I am a very girly girl so love anything that involves romance, so when it comes to planning weddings and getting married I could spend hours ogling over images featuring wedding dresses, flowers, venue styling the list is endless but it’s also a full time job with I juggle with my day job. Would love to do more but there are only so many hours in the day and thats why I took last week off, a well deserved break and time to recharge my batteries and pamper myself and yes as you can imagine I am raring to go.

Ordsall Hall

Who wants a beautiful Pout?

Hey guys hows things going?

Everything as gone back to normal the kids are back at school and the traffic is hectic, yep the summer holidays are truly over no more lazy summer days just relaxing enjoying the sun, exotic adventure holidays aboard or day trips out with the family and no more tanning products, bronzers and sun protectors to consider which as the best UVA.

But it doesn’t mean that us girls can slack off on our beauty routine and today on the blog we are looking at a lip product that as been a secret but well know in the beauty industry for years and I only just discovered it, i’m kicking myself.


Does your hands tell a story of ageing?

Hi how was your weekend?

I can’t believe that it was the last Bank Holiday for 2016 but what wonderful weather we had it was glorious. This weekend for me was very busy and I can actually say I was a social butterfly attending two big milestone birthdays a 50th of my best friend  Jules and believe me she does not look or act her age, so to celebrate we all twenty of us went for a meal then ended up at the Jam House in St Paul’s Square. We all had a great time acting like we where all 21 again lol but age crept up on me and it took me two days to recover lol. Then on Sunday a 40th birthday garden party my other best girly friends partner celebration and I was honoured to be invited to a selected closed friends and family, and Kelly the food was spectacular as always.

Now it was amazing to be amongst such young vibrant people that honestly don’t act or look their age, me included lol, but saying that I know my hands tell another story they have lost their plump youthful look so is there a way we can turn back time by using an anti-ageing product on our hands. Well I may have just found the beauty product  which I have used before and can honestly say I don’t know why I stopped using it.

Dress of the Week – Vestido de Novia

Hey Guys

It’s been a busy August and with all my intentions of trying to post a daily blog about things around weddings, I have to admit I have been struggling this month but I am glad to be bringing back my dress of the week by Vestido de Novia.

I love the Olmedo dress with it’s simple front and then this amazing jewelled see-through back, it is just totally gorgeous and what’s also good it has pockets amazing.


Hot Topic- The right entertaiment to suit everyone

Oh I do love a good shin-dig and it was so nice getting together with my work colleagues last week to enjoy good entertainment and lovely food and yes we all had a great time, a little to tired for working the next day but we all managed to pull through it.

Talking about good entertainment this ties in very well with a wedding dilemma question I got yesterday from Karen in Staffordshire and what a good hot topic question it is to, let’s take a look.

Rock Music