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Martina Liana – Two piece bridal design

Hello folks and gosh doesn’t time fly, can’t believe its Friday already what an amazing and busy week.

So as you all know I have my groove back on and love getting back into the blogosphere again, this is defiantly where I belong and on that note it’s back to my favorite day of blogging because it’s all about wedding dresses.
It’s been a while since I last did a blog on wedding gown designers, but I have to admit I do have a big obsession with wedding dresses. I mean there is litterly hundreds of designs to choose from whether it’s a full length gown to a tea length style and so doing my dress of the week just fills all my dressoholic addictions lol.
You are probably wondering which designer have I chosen this week. Well it wasn’t an easy decision because they are all amazing and talented but I eventually decided on this designer.

Martina Liana

Is their a right footwear attire to wear at your own wedding?

Hello and welcome to another one of my hot topic wedding dilemma Q&A’s. I love replying to all your questions, it can be challenging but the fact that they are coming from real couples planning their weddings is a privilege.

Have you ever wondered about all these wedding etiquettes that is involved in planning a wedding and are they really that important in this day and age or should we just do what we want as long as you are happy. Well that is a big question and it goes a lot deeper than that for some people, it’s all about tradition and how formal you want to make you wedding day become.

Today’s hot topic is very practical in one way but doesn’t conform to a traditional wedding. It will all become clearer once you read Shannon’s wedding dilemma today, so let’s take a look over to Shannon.

Bride in Converse


The White Company – Advanced Skincare Collection

It was a total surprise when I discovered that the White Company also had their own range of skincare and your probably wondering, really how come? where have I been locked away in some voyage that i’m not in contact with updates on beauty products.

No you know what it’s like you are fixated on brands that are always in the media and the ones you tend to stick to or your girlfriends use. But I was purchasing some candles from The White Company branch in Birmingham for one of my friends for their 40th Birthday and wham, it was right there in front of me this complete range. I love it with it’s clean minimalistic  look but so oozes luxury, so lets look at what’s in the range.

Cover shot

A perfect location for a intimate wedding by the sea

Not all weddings are big lavish affairs and sometimes its nice to see couples going for a small intimate day.

I have the perfect wedding venue for you today, which is also set in one of my favourite locations where I used to spend my summer holidays as a child. The first time I visited Devon I think I was 9yrs old and litterly fell in love with the place and this is why I had to choose Cary Arms, so you will also fall in love with the venue and the area it is in.

Cary Arms & Spa

Honeymooning in Sri Lanka

Oh boy it’s so grey outside, all you want to do is just curl up somewhere warm ideally at home instead of a cold office like I am doing now and dream about all of the luxury destinations you can go to this summer. In fact I do that a lot, day dream that is especially about all those hot holiday destinations that I hope to go to one day. They are on my bucket list and I am planning to cross them off one by one and saying that the one I dream of most is Sri Lanka.

So I thought as well as dreaming about them I may as well write about what a wonderful place it would be to have your honeymoon and all the exciting things you can do, so welcome to another one of my honeymoon destination blogs. This is a perfect time to take a five minute break with me and see what things are available in Sri Lanka to make your honeymoon one of the most memorable times to start off your married life together.


Is it ok to go over budget for your wedding?

After a quite period over the last few months with wedding season at a slow pace which obviously meant it’s been virtually quite on the hot topic front when it comes to wedding dilemma Q&A’s, but I am glad to say the tide as shifted and you lovely brides and grooms are emerging bombarding me with loads of questions. Todays wedding dilemma is a right corker and most couples getting married will so relate to it.

I was so delighted to receive an email from Dana from Wales, actually she thought it was a silly question to ask me at the beginning but honestly it is quite common for couples getting married to experience this, so over to Dana and her burning question, I’m sure you all want to know now.



Beauty products to make you blush about

Don’t you just love a pop of colour on your cheeks, I know I do but I have to admit they do scare me. I mean what is the best product to use powder or cream ‘that is the question’?

Today we are going to solve that by seeing which one is the best product for you and me. So as we know using a blusher is the ultimate pop to creating that perfect finish to your look and it also gives definition to your face, I mean who wants to hide those amazing cheek bones, I know I don’t.Beauty Face

I’m back to the blogosphere

Hello Everyone

Well it’s been a while since I put pen to paper and to be honest I really didn’t think I would return back to blogging. To cut a long story short I had a real reflection of what I wanted to achieve and even though I absolutely love blogging about anything to do with weddings, I kind of got a bit dishearten about where I wanted my blog to go.

Did I want world domination and be up there with the best well know wedding bloggers in the industry ( which is impossible holding down a full time events co-ordinators job) or was I quite content to purely do it for enjoyment and not stress about connecting with the wedding blogosphere world of suppliers and who wanted to be featured on the blog and whether i was good enough for me to blog about them. What satisfaction do I get out of it and basically would I miss it when I stopped?


A whimsical castle it can only be Peckforton Castle

Good morning lovelies

I hope you had a lovely weekend? Mine was spent doing absolutely nothing but eating, drinking and catching up on tv episodes that I missed and I am totally hooked on the new tv drama called Taboo. Gosh it is so dark and violent but you can’t help wanting to know more and yes I am totally hooked.

Today though it’s back to my blog and it is the first one for 2017, yes I know over a month too late but i honestly didn’t think I would be doing it again but like the tv drama Taboo I am totally hooked, so unfortunately guys you are stuck with me. As you know Monday we look at wedding venues and today we are off to see Peckforton Castle in Cheshire.

Peckforton Castle

Trevenna – An exclusive barn wedding venue

Hello and how are you today?

Welcome to a brand new week and is it me or is the months just flying by its so crazy that we are fast approaching the end of 2016. So with that in mind how are the wedding plans going?

As a former wedding planner I truly understand your frustration in trying to plan a wedding, it’s not an easy task but with good planning and research and help from family and friends you can truly enjoy the experience making the build up to your big day something you will carry in your memory forever and with that in mind that is why I love writing about weddings and other lifestyle things and as it’s Monday I welcome you to my blog today, for all my new readers Monday is a magical time for me because this is a great opportunity for me to showcase some fabulous wedding venues across the UK.