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Borough Market – A quirky wedding venue

Can I just shout a big YAHHH what a fabulous weekend I had, with a mixture of work and socialising with friends and family just the right balance. So how was your weekend/, any gossip to tell me, go on it’s just us no one else.
Well I am brimming with enthusiasm and what a way to start the week off than another one of my wedding venues. I just love showcasing the amazing venues around the UK, It’s amazing the variety that you can chose from and I am going a bit quirky this week with this venue that I discovered through a friend that attend at wedding there last autumn and I am sure you will love it too.

Borough Market


Honeymoon Destination in New Zealand

How are you all? It’s been a busy couple of weeks I think for everyone and the stress levels need calming down a little bit. Now normally I would reach for chocolate or cake, but then that would create another stress with weight gain so how are we going to achieve that feel good factor.
Well the best way for me is thinking about beautiful gorgeous things that I would like to do and my biggest passion at the moment is to travel, so I am pouring all the amazing places I want to cross off my bucket list into this blog and as I am a wedding blogger it’s the perfect place for my honeymoon destination and that’s killing two birds with one stone, ‘I assure you no birds were injured’ lol.

New Zealand Beach

How can I get my Fiancé to help more with our wedding?

I am really getting into the spirit of spring and seeing all the daffodils blooming is so beautiful. Preparing for spring can be hard work and planning, I mean you have to select the right blubs, prepare the ground and tidy up all the winter rubbish from the garden.

Well that is exactly what you need to do when planning a wedding and I don’t mean selecting blubs but it’s the same type of principles you need to do your preparations first. That is why I am loving today’s hot topic from Sophia from West Bromwich, so let’s see what her wedding dilemma is and more importantly can we help her.


A Georgian mansion in Shropshire – Delbury Hall

What a busy weekend I have had getting together with friends and family, I am actually exhausted and need the weekend back again please, shame you can’t go back in time. But then in a way it’s probably a good thing as I probably wouldn’t have done this blog today.
Now as you know Monday is always about wedding venues and I like to pick a different location every week and today we are off to Shropshire.
Did you know that Shropshire was voted one of the most picturesque counties in Britain, I never knew that and I doubt a lot of my readers will have known that either but its true. Visitors are often delighted at the choice of activities available in Shropshire. Steeped in history and culture, tourists come here to see the country’s incredible past.
As we are here about wedding venues this little beauty is just perfect and obviously in Shropshire, so would you like to know the venue I have chosen?

Night View

Reem Acra International Bridal Designer

Hello and welcome to March and my first dress of the week blog for this month. I literally can’t believe that we are already into another month but so looking forward to the start of spring/summer and no doubtable comes wedding season frenzy, with some amazing wedding dresses to feature.
So we are going to kick start the month with something a bit wild and sexy and yes I realize it won’t be everyone’s taste, but to be honest if everyone had the same taste in fashion actually in life in general it would be a boring existence don’t you think?

Reem Acra 2017 Collection


Exploring Thailand for your honeymoon destination

Gosh can you believe we are now into the second week of March and before you know it our summer holidays will have come and gone in a blink of an eye. So where are we all going to this year? That is a very nice question to ask especially if you have already decided and booked.
But spare a thought to people that are still scratching their heads, undecided even more importantly trying to organize their honeymoon destination. This is were I come in and loving my Thursday blog because it is all about you guys and your honeymoon.


Should my finance’s Ex be invited to our wedding?

It is so surprising how much stress you can be under when planning a wedding and we are not just talking about choosing the appropriate wedding venue or the menu, but more complicated family stuff.
Today’s hot topic wedding dilemma question focuses on just that, which comes from Paula in Worcester and I have to admit I really struggled with this one, so let’s see what dilemma Paula as presented today and whether I was able to give some advice.


The wedding venue to elope to at Gretna Green

I love showcasing luxury wedding venues, something to amaze your family and friends and to feel special for that one day with all that grandeur, but it’s not always that big is better or in fact that it suites everyone’s taste and I do love those small intimate wedding venues as well and that is why I have been featuring them a lot recently.
Today is something special and I have always said if I was to get married again, if it’s not abroad on a beach with the sand between my toes and flowers in my hair ‘ gosh I sound really hippiefied’ lol, then the place I would consider in the UK would be this place. Before I reveal all let me give you some history of where I am taking you to today and some big clues.

Gretna Green

Martina Liana – Two piece bridal design

Hello folks and gosh doesn’t time fly, can’t believe its Friday already what an amazing and busy week.

So as you all know I have my groove back on and love getting back into the blogosphere again, this is defiantly where I belong and on that note it’s back to my favorite day of blogging because it’s all about wedding dresses.
It’s been a while since I last did a blog on wedding gown designers, but I have to admit I do have a big obsession with wedding dresses. I mean there is litterly hundreds of designs to choose from whether it’s a full length gown to a tea length style and so doing my dress of the week just fills all my dressoholic addictions lol.
You are probably wondering which designer have I chosen this week. Well it wasn’t an easy decision because they are all amazing and talented but I eventually decided on this designer.

Martina Liana

Is their a right footwear attire to wear at your own wedding?

Hello and welcome to another one of my hot topic wedding dilemma Q&A’s. I love replying to all your questions, it can be challenging but the fact that they are coming from real couples planning their weddings is a privilege.

Have you ever wondered about all these wedding etiquettes that is involved in planning a wedding and are they really that important in this day and age or should we just do what we want as long as you are happy. Well that is a big question and it goes a lot deeper than that for some people, it’s all about tradition and how formal you want to make you wedding day become.

Today’s hot topic is very practical in one way but doesn’t conform to a traditional wedding. It will all become clearer once you read Shannon’s wedding dilemma today, so let’s take a look over to Shannon.

Bride in Converse