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Dress of the Week – Vestido de Novia

Hey Guys

It’s been a busy August and with all my intentions of trying to post a daily blog about things around weddings, I have to admit I have been struggling this month but I am glad to be bringing back my dress of the week by Vestido de Novia.

I love the Olmedo dress with it’s simple front and then this amazing jewelled see-through back, it is just totally gorgeous and what’s also good it has pockets amazing.


Hot Topic- The right entertaiment to suit everyone

Oh I do love a good shin-dig and it was so nice getting together with my work colleagues last week to enjoy good entertainment and lovely food and yes we all had a great time, a little to tired for working the next day but we all managed to pull through it.

Talking about good entertainment this ties in very well with a wedding dilemma question I got yesterday from Karen in Staffordshire and what a good hot topic question it is to, let’s take a look.

Rock Music

Beautiful Feet starts with Margaret Dabbs Products

I went to a wedding a few weeks ago and boy did my feet take a battering, I didn’t realised how long I would be on my feet for. Now just getting a pedicure to make them look pretty is not enough you really need to look at products to keep you feet health and so I am dedicating the blog today about just that.

So to all my lovely brides-to-be that wants their feet in perfect condition for their big day but also for your honeymoon as well then I have discovered the perfect products by Margaret Dabbs. So you are wondering what’s so special about these products, well I will give you a brief insight to the lady herself and her reason for creating these unique foot products.Feet

A beautiful Cotswold wedding venue – Charingworth Manor

I was sitting in my conservatory were my office is pondering on which wedding venue I should showcase for today’s blog and for a split second thought and knowing me said it out loud ‘Why are you doing this and does anyone really care about my blogging’ and then I realised I care and if I care then someone else will and really that is all that matters. I love doing what I do and if my passion for all things weddingy can also inspire my brides and grooms-to be create amazing weddings, then yes i have done my job and what a good job it is.

charingworth Manor

A Summer of Flawless Skin

Hello my lovelies

The hot weather has returned and it looks like another hot sunny day ahead and I am hoping for many more weeks of this to come. Now that’s the plus side to summer however it can place havoc with your skin especially your face, so how can we keep our face flawless this summer.

Well you have come to the right place because today on the blog I am featuring some amazing products that will do just that, so grab your cuppa and take five while I indulge  you in some retail therapy that will help you achieve hopefully a flawless look through summer.

Beauty Face

A whimsical Castle Wedding Venue – Peckforton Castle – Cheshire

Hello my lovelies and I hope you all had a lovely weekend, what did you get up to? Mine was spent doing absolutely nothing after a extremely busy week so just indulged in eating, drinking and watching Netflix and yes I did manage  to start  watching The Good Wife. I know I am a very slow starter, how brilliant is that show I am totally hooked.

Today though it’s back to my blog and as you all know Monday’s we look at wedding venues and today we are off to see Peckforton Castle in Cheshire. I love this part of the North beautiful countryside and so close to Manchester were my lovely talented so lives and yes the shopping there is fab to.

So you are probably thinking to yourself what is so great about this venue, well let me fill you in about this beautiful whimsical place and I will take you right to the beginning.

Peckforton Castle

The Scent of Summer

Hell yes summer is here and it smells fantastic.

No I am not talking about the flowers in my garden but if we were then yes it’s a nice fragrance of flowers and herbs with a hint of lavender. But I am glad to say I am referring to the kind of fragrances that you wear especially those designed for the summer and wearing on holiday thats not too heavy and there are some great ones on the market at the moment.


I so wish i could list them all but that would be ridiculous so I have put together some of my favourites and also what my girlfriends are wearing this season. So do you want to take a peek?, ok come with me.

A Country Estate – Stapleford Park Country House

Hello, so what did you get up to this weekend? hope you wasn’t one of the thousands of people stuck in traffic jams for hours or queuing to catch your ferry at Dover. on the plus side once you get to your destination think of all the memories you will make for the summer ahead. I am a bit jealous to say the least but hey so will you be when I’m gallivanting in Spain in September lol.

Isn’t it a lovely feeling to be starting a brand new week, I wonder what’s in store? I do know that today is the day I look at another wedding venue. How exciting it must be to be planning the biggest day of your life and one of the most important things is choosing a venue that is right for you. So I hope that when you read my blog post today it will give you some inspiration on the style and theme you want to achieve.

Image 1

A Greek Goddess Honeymoon in Paphos – Cyprus

Hello my lovelies, its been a while since my last honeymoon destination post so you will have to forgive me. I was inspired to do another blog due to the amazing hot weather we are experiencing in the UK at the moment but how long it will last who knows.

This is the time of year when everyone starts to look at going away and will have their destinations booked  months ago, but if you are still deciding especially for your honeymoon then I have a beautiful place for you to have a look at.

Paphos – Cyprus

So what is it about Paphos that people flock to year after year and most importantly what things can you do to ensure you have a great honeymoon that will be sketched in your memory forever.

6761957 - petra tou romiou, aphrodite's legendary birthplace in paphos, cyprus.

Who can bring a date to my wedding? – Hot Topic

Hey how are you, have you not melted away in this heat yet? It was such a hot day yesterday the hottest in years for July I believe and I spent it stuck in the office, with just a small fan to keep me cool which as you can imagine did nothing but hey not moaning because you never know it could end tomorrow.

Well today it’s a lot cooler and I can crack on with tasks I never achieved to do yesterday but before I do that I have another hot topic wedding dilemma question to answer and this week it’s from Aeron in Cardiff. So let’s see what her question is and can we help her?

Bride and Groom