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A Greek Goddess Honeymoon in Paphos – Cyprus

Hello my lovelies, its been a while since my last honeymoon destination post so you will have to forgive me. I was inspired to do another blog due to the amazing hot weather we are experiencing in the UK at the moment but how long it will last who knows.

This is the time of year when everyone starts to look at going away and will have their destinations booked  months ago, but if you are still deciding especially for your honeymoon then I have a beautiful place for you to have a look at.

Paphos – Cyprus

So what is it about Paphos that people flock to year after year and most importantly what things can you do to ensure you have a great honeymoon that will be sketched in your memory forever.

6761957 - petra tou romiou, aphrodite's legendary birthplace in paphos, cyprus.

Who can bring a date to my wedding? – Hot Topic

Hey how are you, have you not melted away in this heat yet? It was such a hot day yesterday the hottest in years for July I believe and I spent it stuck in the office, with just a small fan to keep me cool which as you can imagine did nothing but hey not moaning because you never know it could end tomorrow.

Well today it’s a lot cooler and I can crack on with tasks I never achieved to do yesterday but before I do that I have another hot topic wedding dilemma question to answer and this week it’s from Aeron in Cardiff. So let’s see what her question is and can we help her?

Bride and Groom

Crazy Bear Stadhampton – Oxford Wedding Venue

Another happy weekend spent with friends and then to finish it off a glorious Sunday in the garden with my two cats Rosie & Jim, you can’t wish for anything more perfect, well you can but that’s another story lol.

I also hear we are heading for a heatwave, OMG could this be summer as finely arrived. Alas I am in the office under artificial lighting and no air conditioning and thats probably also 90% of the working population in the UK so we can all be sad together but on the plus side i haven’t forgotten that it is Monday and with that comes my wedding venue blog post and today I am looking at a venue a bit different to what I normally post, so grab a cuppa because I am whisking you off to a lovely venue near Oxford.

Image 1

Hydrate with Gel Moisturisers

Hey hows things and welcome to todays blog and  if you are new to my blog site then a big hello to you and come see my Tuesday beauty blog, where we will be looking at some amazing gel moisturisers.

So let’s have a look at my pick thats top of the beauty market and see what all the excitements about.

Wedding Planner

Rowhill Grange Hotel – A stylish Kent wedding venue

Hello there and how have you been? So what was your weekend like, I bet it was just as hectic as mine but throughly enjoyable. It as been a while since I wrote one of my blog post so sorry for that, but i needed to take a break as working full time and also taking a new course as completely taken up all my spare time so was really struggling to keep up with my blogging, hopefully things have started to calm down thank goodness so looks like I am back on track again.

So here we are Monday and that only means that it is time to explore another wedding venue and today I am taking you to the breath taking countryside of Kent.

Image 1

Répondez s’il vous plaît – Please RSVP

How are you doing on this lovely Wednesday and I am so hoping that the weather will continue through to the weekend. But so it doesn’t look like I am wishing my life away lets return back to today and of course it’s my hot topic wedding dilemma section of the blog.
Please continue forwarding your questions to me and I am hoping that I can help with all your wedding planning queries, don’t you think the saying ‘a troubled shared is a trouble halved’ and that is so true.
Today I have a question from Karen in Erdington who will be getting married in October of this year so let’s hear her dilemma question.

Save the Date

An elegant baronial mansion – Grinkle Park

Hello guys, how are things going anything  exciting to report about what you got up to at the weekend? Me on the other hand had such a lazy weekend and basically doing nothing but lounge around the house, which in my opinion was well deserved after a very hectic week at work and I have to admit it was pretty good however I wish I could have said that about the weather, but I did manage to get a couple of hours tiding up the garden.

So anyway here I am another Monday and hopefully a start to a very productive week ahead and with that comes my pick of wedding venue for Monday and today we are off to Yorkshire to see a beautiful venue that was linked to a great influencer of the 18th century that revolutionised the industrial industry, so come on let me tell you more about this fascinating venue.

Crinkle Park

A cliff top wedding venue – Polurrian Bay Hotel

What a contrast to the weekend before, it’s been a total washout and so I spent the weekend at home catching up on household chores, what about you how did you spend your weekend?

It’s the start of the week and as you know I always start the week with a wedding venue to showcase to you and so this week i am enthusiastic to introduce to you this beautiful romantic wedding venue on a cliff in Cornwall.

Polurrian Bay Hotel

Benefit made Easy

I love make-up and have various brands I use but to be honest I think sometimes its a pain lugging my make-up bag around when I am not sure what products to use, especially when I only need it for one night or a long weekend away. Don’t you agree?

Well problem solved as I discovered when my good friend Eileen brought me my first Benefit products kit for Christmas in an easy size to slip in my handbag and I have never looked back since. This product is so perfect for the odd night away or even better to use on your wedding day and an absolutely fabulous gift to give to your bridesmaids.Benefit

A Castle Wedding Venue – Thornbury Castle

Hello to my lovely readers and welcome to a brand new week, so how was your half term break? If you was like me stilling working hope you had a brilliant weekend.
If you ever wanted to have your wedding and stay in a castle then look no further, I have the perfect castle to host your wedding and it is full of history, so let’s begin the week with this amazing wedding venue.

Thornbury Castle