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Ecuador honeymoon destination of the week

Wow can’t believe the day’s are whizzing past so quickly and it’s thursday already, which is one of my best days of the week because it’s all about honeymoon destinations.

This is the time when the newly married couple can kick back and relax, all the stress and strains of planning there perfect day is done and now it’s time to spend alone time together.

So I am going through the alphabet from a-z looking at the most popular wedding destinations and today we have landed on the letter E. Where have i pin pointed my finger on the map to review today, well surprise surprise it’s Ecuador and i will explain my reason for choosing this destination, so grab a cuppa and follow me.

Back to Basics

Well 2014 is well and truely over and so is the glitzy glamour look of the festive season. Gone are the false eyelashes and glitter nails and it’s now time to take things back to basic with that fresh spring look.

So today  we are looking at primers, matt powders, BB creams and pale pink lips. So follow me and let’s look at some great produts to achieve that look.

A Retro Alternative Wedding Venue

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year

It’s been a while since I last blogged about the amazing wedding venues we have in the UK  and if you take the time to look you can also find these amazing places to get married at or even just having your wedding reception, but why would you take time doing that when you have wedding bloggers like me that love doing the research for you hence taking all that stress away.

So what have i got for you today, well we are going south the capital of the city, yes if you don’t know your geography it’s only London lol. We are talking home to retro, vintage, quirky and the totally unimaginable places that you would never think of getting married at or even think you would be given permission; well let me tell you something, you would be surprised.

New Year new beginings!!

Hi Guys

Wow can you imagine that another year as past and we are actually in the first week of 2015. Well I think everyone can agree that 2014 has had it’s ups and downs but it as definately been a very interesting year.

Image 2

The beauty is in your neck! no seriously

Hello guys

so how was your summer, I can’t believe that we have had some amazing weather this summer, some slight showers and the ocassional heavy ones but in all a fantatic summer beats last year hey!

Well folks after a long absence i am back and exciting about looking at some fabulous beauty products that on the market and so you are wondering what I will be focusing on this week, well a great tip from my mum ‘bless her soul’ regarding beauty was do not neglect your neck because it’s your future to always looking and feeling great.

I never really got that when i was younger but didn’t question her when she kept telling me as well as moisturising my face and body never forget your neck and so I just did it automatically and I have to say at 46 years old i am glad i did follow her advice.

Homemade Facial Masks

Well hello again

Here we are on this glourious Tuesday and if you don’t know by now my blog on a Tuesday talks about the latest beauty products, what’s on trend and the best way to use them.

but today i thought I would do a different slant and look at the benefits of using homemade skincare products. thousands of people look at using homemade skincare and mask recipes for either their natural properties with no artifical ingredients or to save on costs because let’s admit it the high street and designerbrands can be quite expensive, especially if you are using a certain product every day.

So today we will be looking at homemade facial masks using ingredients with antioxidants, demulcent and emollient properties. using these ingredients that contain all these nutrients and valuable properties and particulary effective for rejuvenating dull, lifeless, dry and aging skin.

A Superfood Recipe – Crustless Asparagus Quiche

Hi Guys

Well we are having quite an eventful weekend in Birmingham because we were delighted that our city has been chosen for this years Wireless Festival and even better it’s less than a couple of miles from where i live, so I have been enjoying the atmosphere.

But I was a bit shocked at the not so healthy food that was being served, where are the amazing street food sellers out there in Birmingham I would of thought this would have been right up there street. I remember going to a street food event and they were promoting what the media and supermarkets call superfoods. So what are superfoods and how can we incorporate them into our everyday lives.

A Boutique Wedding Venue in Sussex

If I was to plan my wedding again I think I would opt for a intimate wedding with just a handful of close friends and family to celebrate my amazing day and i would also like more opf an hands on approach with alot of mine and my partners style and character than having the style all in the hands of the venue organisers.

So it was just my luck that I came across this beautiful boutique hotel in Sussex offering a laid back luxury and exclusive use for weddings and your probably wondering where is this place? Well it’s the one and only The George in Rye hotel, so let me take you to this georgeous place and let’s see what they are offering.

Wedding Venue by the Water – Leeds Castle

It’s so nice to be back again looking at some fabulous wedding venues in the UK and today is no exception. What a lovely sunny day in Birmingham and what’s even better it’s a Bank Holiday so no work for most of us so it’s a time tyo relax and chill out with friends and family.

As you have five minutes to spare why not kick back grab a drink and join me for today’s choice of wedding venue.

Now as I have mentioned before it’s Bank holiday and what do people always crave for when it’s a nice sunny day, well they love to go to locations that are by water, just to have that calm feeling of hearing the sound of water and seeing all the wonderful wildlife that live there. So you will not be surprised when I say today’s wedding venue is Leeds Castle.

Gwyneth & Chris – The Love Story Ends

Well it’s been the topic for the last few weeks and it’s such sad news when you hear of your favourite celebrity couple splitting up and I personally fell in love with Gwyneth and Chris from coldplay getting together, marrying and having children, such a perfect love story.

So guys welcome to my celebrity corner where we look into the lives of our favourite celebrities to see that their lives aren’t that different actually from our own when it comes to relationships, heartache and betrayal.