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A chic and stylish honeymoon in New York

You are probably wondering why I have picked New York as a honeymoon destination, well it is one of my favorite cities in the world and both my best friends are celebrating their big birthdays there in August and what a place to go for a celebration.
If you are a couple that prefers cities to beach destinations then you will love New York or NYC as its best known by and you can easy get some great flights and hotel deals online, so it’s best to search online for bargains.

Statue of Liberty

Can I impose a dress code for my wedding? – Hot Topic

Hello and welcome to another Wednesday hot topic and I have to say I am throughly enjoying this section of my blog and thank you to everyone thats emailed me with your wedding dilemma questions.

Todays question comes from Anthea in Birmingham and her hot topic for the day I feel most brides will relate to, so let’s hear Anthea’s wedding dilemma.

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Experience a luxury, elegant wedding at Ellenborough Park- Cotswold


Hope you had a good weekend?. Mine was filled with lots of presents and treats as I turned 48 yrs old yesterday and was spoilt by my lovely son Sean and it doesn’t stop there has I have a packed day today as well, can’t wait for more treats.

Anyway its Monday and I am not at work so spending the day with my son but had to post today’s wedding venue for you and I would like to take you to the Cotswold one of my favourite places to relax and take in the beautiful scenery and so it is my pleasure to showcase this amazing wedding venue, so lets get started and I will divulge all.


Ellen borough Park

A magnificent wedding venue in Staffordshire – Swinfen Hall Hotel

Hello and welcome to a brand new week.
So what was your weekend like? Bet it was full of loads of activities and yes mine wasn’t too bad either, well what I can remember. Yes I best fill you in and clarify that, It was my friends Dionne’s hen night and we celebrated by doing a Soul night with some well know tribute bands and the dress code was black and white, which we all looked cool in the pictures. That unfortunately was filled by a lazy morning waking up with the girls and Julie doing her magic in the kitchen, ‘what a breakfast’ will stay again Jules.
Then Sunday was spent improving my camera skills ready for the next photography class on Thursday, David will be pleased with me and finishing off the day with a glass of red wine and ironing, lol what did you expect guys more partying.
Now that brings us into a brand new week and as you know we always kick off Monday with a beautiful wedding venue and I am delighted to say we are back in the West Midland’s with Swinfen Hall in Staffordshire. So what can I tell you about this wedding venue, well take a seat and I will fill you in?

Swindon Hall Hotel

Hot Topic – How can I tell my parents who to invite to my wedding?

Gosh we had such a lovely hot weekend and the week also started off so well too, but now we are here, it’s Wednesday and the weather is wet and dull but thats not going to stop us right.

I am glad to be featuring another hot topic wedding dilemma question, and today it’s coming from Emma in Coventry. So let’s get down to business and see if we can help Emma with her wedding dilemma today, so go ahead Emma fire away.

wedding invitation

Flower or not to Flower – That is the question?

We are now in May and time for wedding season galore, but what will this bring for couples ready to tie the knot.

As we all know this can be an extremely busy and stressful time and a lot of decisions need to be made and dealt with and so my hot topic wedding dilemma blog is buzzing with questions to be solved from couples getting married this year. Today we have a question from Tina and Brian from Shropshire, so lets hear their question for today.13493899_m

Lets go Tango Fantastic with Beauty Products

I was going through my make-up bag clearing out my winter products and replacing it with some summer colours and came across my MAC orange lipstick and it gave me a great idea for todays blog.

Yes guys we are going all tango fantastic with our colours today and i want to show you 5 great beauty products you will be happy to display in your make-up bag and not only that they will add some zing to your spring/summer look. So lets see what I have to take you out of that dreary grey/black winter look and the start of spring with some zing.


A bygone era setting wedding venue – Nunsmere Hall Hotel

Hello all and how is your Bank holiday Monday, mine has been the most laziest weekend I have literally had in such a long time. I have basically eat take-aways and drank loads of red wine which is so not me but sometimes you just have to let loose and say ‘what the hell’.

I was thinking of not doing a blog post today but I just had to showcase this wedding venue today and I hope you enjoy it because it literally fell into my lap by accident and I am so glad it did.

So on this very cloudy Bank Holiday Monday I would like to take you to Chester and introduce you to Nunsmere Hall.

Nunsmere Hall

Eye Concealer you will love to apply

Hello and welcome to Tuesdays beauty blog and can I just say I am not a beauty expert just love finding new products to use and obviously it is amazing to share it with you all.

So today we are looking at some eye concealers to help with those problem areas like dark circles, uneven skin tones and lines that all of us women experience everyday, mine are dark circles.

However it becomes even more a priority to solve or improve when you are getting married so you can look back at your wedding pictures and feel confident and happy about them.

beauty eye

Alexander House – A prestigious wedding venue in Grinstead

Can I just say that most of my wedding venue blogs I publish on a Monday I have not been to but and alas this is one on them but I am hoping that it will eventually be ticked off my bucket list  of hotels to stay at.

Whilst we are on the subject of my wedding venue blog all or most of them are not sponsored and if they were I would declared it and state after the title, so all of them so far that I write are totally bias and of my own views. Good now that I have cleared that up I have another Monday wedding venue to showcase to you today and we are off to Grinstead, yes you heard correct so take five and follow me.

Alexander House