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Picture Memories

Hello and welcome to another hot topic wedding dilemma this Wednesday.

Can I just say thank you to all the brides and grooms that have taken part in my wedding hot topic wedding dilemmas  and today I will be helping to answer Jasmine from Lincolnshire wedding question, so let’s see what Jasmine has to ask?bride

Dolly Lashes

Today on the blog is all about beauty products and today we will be looking at a couple of my favourite mascara’s. As i do not have long lashes not like my son Sean which is very annoying. Yeah how come men can have these naturally long lashes and we have to enhance them with either fake eyelashes or plenty of mascara. But ladies we have to work with what we are given and i want to show some products that will give you that dolly look lashes for your big day.

Keep your eyeshadow very naturally looking with earthy colours and emphasising your top and bottom lashes is actually the perfect look for brides as was one of the big looks on this years fashion runway.5859097_m

Ardanaiseig Hotel – Scottish Wedding Venue

It was a chilly and wet weekend and I was so glad that I didn’t have to venture out and basically just stayed in curled up on the sofa. But guys don’t think I was just having a lazy weekend I was also preparing my blog posts for this week and what a wonderful way to get some work done thank on the sofa with a hot mug of chocolate with marsh mellows yummy.

So with the weekend over and the start of the new week it only has to been wedding venue time and I thought let’s step out of the West Midlands and head up to Scotland and I found just the place.

Just a stone’s throw from the banks of Loch Awe, this 19th century hotel offers you beautiful views of the Scottish landscape which only makes for a romantic setting.ardanaiseigphoto1

Goa India – Honeymoon Destination

The dark nights are closing in and we are turning up the central heating and what we long for the most is sun, sea and sand, so this this the perfect day to talk about honeymoon destinations. So where are we looking at today?

Well, I thought why not get the brochures out and go alphabetical, so in the last few months I have started at the beginning and now I have reached the letter G and the first place I thought of was Goa India.cabo-de-rama-goa-1-1353828-640x480

Wedding Presents or Cash

Although many couples today do not follow the traditional wedding customs they are still concerned about the responsibilities and etiquette of a wedding and find it hard when it come to family views and input.

So I am thrilled that on the blog every Wednesday I have a hot topic section that can cover some of your wedding dilemmas and hopefully together we can come up with a solution to making the running of your big day

Pimhill Barn – A Shropshire Wedding Venue

Hello All

Todays wedding venue is situated in North Shropshire about 4 miles from Shrewsbury and thats Pimhill Barn. So what can I tell you about the barn, well it actually dates back to 1584 and as some great architectual features and so makes the perfect surrounding for a wedding.2257690811_a249bd4882_b

Cleanse & Polish

Today is all about cleansing and toning the face and the importance of why we should do this every day to prevent break-outs and dull looking skin.

Cleansing and toning the face is so important as this will keep the skin healthy and vibrant.water-1197834-639x510

A Magnificent 16th Century Mansion House

Hello Everyone

Hope your weekend was fab and you’re having a good start to Monday. As for me well I am working in London today and looking forward to seeing the 140 delegates attending the seminar today. Just hoping I haven’t forgotten to do something major and the delegates don’t bombard me with loads of request and they enjoy the day.538890813_fd075d9a36_b

Rita Colson – Dress of the week

Can you believe that Friday has arrived already and it’s the start to hopefully a fabulous weekend. So what are your plans, well as for me I will be spending the weekend with friends and hoping that there will be love of food, drinking and laughter.

So lets kick off the weekend to a good start and what a perfect way then looking at dresses. Yes but they are not just ordinary dresses they are of course wedding dress of the week.IMG_0892

Hot Topic – A Candelabra Wedding

Weddings are the most exciting and creative thing a couple can do to celebrate their commitment together but can also be very stressful as well.

The fact that you have to decide on the theme of your wedding can be very daunting, are your decisions right for you. Well, let someone else help with your decision making, that’s why I love Wednesday’s because it’s wedding hot topics and I haver a lovely question from liz in Litchfield.candelabra-1411693-639x505